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To establish a self-sufficient system of rigorous communications in order to allow hassle free travel, high quality feedback to ensure security and out of the ordinary education.

Go-Explore India is an experienced veteran in the travel industry. We appreciate all our ventures in this sector yet are looking forth to reach the epitome of excellence in our service delivery. We aim to enable real life learning experiences that will allow us to really bring out unique elements out of students travelling with us. Different environments and different people often exhibit changes in behaviour, alterations in attitude and a lot more personality defining factors. Our team believes in the core idea of every human is special and our journeys can be termed as self-discovery endeavours. Children often stay trapped in the same environment and therefore essential stimuli to spark growth in their personalities are really never found.

Step 1


You choose from our range of theme, age and destination based journeys and help us understand the kind of trip you are looking for. We use a Matrix that helps us pinpoint your needs and then we design the trip, and if need be we carefully curate the changes you need to suit your school curriculum.

Step 2


Once we agree upon the final details our team will populate the website with login details for all students and their parents. As they receive them we aim to create a network to move all communication online including all documentation, updates, and consent seeking approvals through our end-to-end system FLOW. This system includes all the concerned parties i.e. students, schools, parents, and lastly us.

Step 3


Once all the students are a part of this network, teachers and the school will get updates about the progress students have made with the online registration needs in a neat status report. All information uploaded will securely be held by our software to ensure that the next time you travel your essentials will virtually always be there for you to use and share.


GO EXPLORE Education is a student travel company providing theme based educational program. which work as a perfect complement to classroom learning.

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